CM24 Cinema Speakers
Cinema Sound Processo Cinema Coaxial Speakers
FOCUX CM24 is the world's first wireless cinema processor, ushering in the new era of digital cinema. It is integrated with pro-audio... FOCUX’s cutting-edge technology combines the Hi/Mid range. The mid-range and high frequency play from the same location, which...
Digital Amplifier Loundspeaker Management System
Four-Channel Digital Power Amplifier Loudspeaker Management System
With 8,400 W across four channels in a single rack space at a mere 17.6lbs weight, the D series is equally versatile in touring and permanently... The DP48 is a digital system processors which offer a whole new level of performance with Complete Equalization and Loudspeaker...
Universal Speakers Universal Speakers
Network Coaxial Speakers Universal Coaxial Speakers
Built-in everything, except a source!
No matter what music you like, when you want to listen, just connect with one network cable...
FOCUX's Q series universal coaxial loudspeakers are designed for multi-purpose applications. The Q-Series comprises five loudspeakers and...


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