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The coaxial technology has demonstrated numerous advantages over classic two-way systems which typically suffer from interference around the crossover point, resulting in lobing, uneven frequency and power response. By superimposing HF and LF acoustic centers, the coaxial design creates a virtual point source with significantly improved radiation characteristics. This is particularly valuable in distributed sound reinforcement applications where most listeners are located off the system axis. As the sound field of coaxial enclosures is stable over the entire frequency spectrum and in all directions, all listeners benefit from an even sonic performance within the enclosure beamwidth.


The particular benefits of FOCUX coaxial technology are related to the radiation characteristics of a point source. The natural studio monitor sound quality and the aural sensation of transparent sound typical of coaxial systems are adapted to multi-purpose applications.



Q series are designed for multipurpose applications


The Q-Series comprises five loudspeakers and two matching subwoofers which are designed for multipurpose applications. The loudspeakers are spread over a broad range of sizes and output powers and share the flexible and unobtrusive industrial design to which discreet mounting hardware is attached. They have specialized multi-color options that can be properly colour matched to interior designs.




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