FOCUX's Polarization Modulator for 3D digital cinema.



Polarization Modulator



High Quality


Hollywood Approved




Easy to Setup and Use


Compatible with Standard Polarized 3D Glasses






The polarized 3D system widely used all over the world


FOCUX polarized 3D system supports screens up to 60 feet wide, ensuring a world-class 3D experience. Furthermore the FOCUX polarized system is lightweight, compact, easy to operate and maintain, and can be installed for use with any DLP cinema projector. Its reliable and flexible applications help customers to significantly improve their work efficiency.


With only a single DLP projector that uses similar Lamps and power levels, you can play 3D content as easy as 2D content. FOCUX’s R&D team has been always dedicated to reaching the highest level of light efficiency possible. The light efficiency is 18% (at 144Hz). This is the brightest among all competitors. FOCUX polarized 3D system adopts LCD polarization modulators technology, providing a perfect visual impact especially bright to have moivegoers experience the clarity of wide-screen and 3D images.



2K, 4K and HFR


FOCUX polarized 3D system also works with 2K and 4K projectors, and supports HFR. Its overall compatibility and high-speed, top-notch photoelectric control technology not only provides satisfactory 3D images, but also helps customers to look into the future, maximizing user benefits with the lowest investment cost.


FOCUX polarized 3D system adopts a high-efficiency optical technology. Its unique optical properties result in superior performance in both brightness and self-tone reproduction, ensuring that your left and right eyes capture high-resolution 3D images in 100% real-time.




Even more portable cinema glasses


The FOCUX Cinema Glasses are an integral part of FOCUX polarized 3D system, which enable you to have bright, clear, and amazing 3D stereoscopic images.

The new polarized 3D system is equipped with lightweight, recyclable polarized glasses in adult and children's sizes designed to fit comfortably. The glasses are individually packaged so that a moviegoer may own a pair of clean, quality assured 3D glasses and experience the three-dimensional beauty of every movie.





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