Portable and Permanent Installation


The DP48 is a digital system processors which offer a whole new level of performance with Complete Equalization and Loudspeaker Control System designed for the touring or fixed sound installation markets. The absolute latest in available technology is utilized with 32-bit (40-bit floating point) processors and high performance 24-bit Analog Converters.





The high-bit DSP prevents noise and distortion induced by truncation errors of the commonly used 24-bit fixed-point devices. A complete set of parameters include I/O levels, delay, polarity, 6 bands of parametric EQ per channel, multiple crossover selections and full function limiters. Precise frequency control is achieved with its 1 Hz resolution. Inputs and outputs can be routed in multiple configurations to meet any requirement.


The DP48 can be controlled or configured in real time on the front panel or with the intuitive PC GUI accessed via the USB. Software upgrade for CPU and DSP via PC keeps the device current with newly developed algorithms and functions once available. Multiple setup storage and system security complete this professional package.






4-channel input, 8-channel output
High Performance 24-bit A/D and D/A Converters
Accurate 1 Hz Frequency Resolution

32-bit (40-bit floating point) DSP (Highly accurate digital processing)
6-Band Parametric Equalizers for each Input and Output
Full-Function Limiters on Output Channels
Backlit 4-Line x 32 Character LCD Display
Full 5-segment LEDs on every Input and Output
Storage up to 30 Program Setups
USB interfaces for PC Control and Configuration
Pink noise and single frequency generator
Security Lock

IR system

Cinema Sound Processor

IR system

4-Channel Power Amplifiers

IR Emitter

Cinema Coaxial Speakers


Universal Speakers



Network Speakers







DP48 Datasheet DP48 Manual Sound Brochure  
526 KB 3.2 MB 4.2MB  



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