3D Cinema Kit



FOCUX designs two 3D opportunities for theatres: the 300S and 600S 3D solutions. These two solutions can make your installation easy and quick; additionally, the stability and excellent system performance offer you relaxation and satisfaction. The 300S can cover a movie theatre with a 350-seat capacity, and the 600S can cover a movie theatre with a 650-seat capacity.


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3D System 3D System



Plug and Play



The FOCUX active 3D glasses IR emitter is the most convenient cinema 3D system in technological history to date. It can be installed rapidly without any specialty tools. It is a true ‘plug and play’ operating system. Once the IR emitter is plugged into a standard AC outlet and the signal cables are connected to the projectors, the system will begin to work automatically.






IR system

Active 3D Glasses

3D glasses charging tray

Charging Tray



Passive 3D

Passive 3D System


IR Emitter Datasheet

3D Brochure

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