Hollywood Approved


FOCUX 3D solution has been successfully tested by Hollywood studios and is listed on the Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Approved Equipment List.


FOCUX 38G Active 3D glasses are the latest generation of active 3D glasses that brings an extraordinary experience and a perfect visual impact to moviegoers not only because of the astounding brightness, color, and stereoscopic vision, but also because it is compact, comfortable, environmentally-friendly, and stylish.


Shutter 3D Glasses


IR system

Active 3D System

3D glasses charging tray

Charging Tray



Passive 3D

Passive 3D System



The World's Fastest Active 3D Glasses


FOCUX's newly technology makes FOCUX 38G 3D glasses the world's fastest active glasses for 3D digital cinema. They features fast transition switching speeds between left and right eyes at 200µs. This 200µs switching time actually occurs faster than the smallest dark interval setting currently available in digital cinema projectors (350µs), so when they 'catch up', even brighter and perfect 3D images will result.




FOCUX active 3D glasses provide brighter, crisper 3D images and allow the perfect balance of left and right eye images with complete accuracy.






Very Light and Comfortable


The FOCUX active 3D glasses weigh only 1.3 ounces(38 grams), and the ear pieces can be tightened automatically, which feel as if you are wearing sunglasses that are stylish and comfortable.


Active Shutter 3D Glasses





Save Cost and Environmentally-Friendly


The FOCUX active 3D glasses built-in rechargeable battery can be used for more than 25,000 hours, we also designed the charging tray to charge all the glasses at the same time, saving time and eliminating hassle.


No need to replace the battery.

We fully understand that movie theatres will not constantly want to buy expensive batteries after purchasing 3D glasses. To keep changing the battery not only causes high operating costs for theatres but also creates a great amount of pollution for the environment.


FOCUX's active 3D glasses are cost-effective and reliable.






More Advantages


No silver screen.

Simple to install, any screen can be used for both 2D and 3D.


A 2D and 3D switch.

Real-time switching.


Works with any size DLP.

FOCUX 3D glasses is optimized to work with any DLP chips.


Encrypted IR communication.

Safer and more stable.


Built-in automatic test mode for moviegoers.

Easy to use.


High frame rate ready.

Moreover, they are ready to support High Frame Rate (HFR) 3D


Optional disinfecting wipes.

Easy to clean.


Saves space.

The ear pieces of the FOCUX active 3D glasses close automatically when they are not in use so they can be stored in a compact space. With FOCUX's well-designed storage tray, the glasses can be easily distributed and collected.



Technical Specifications

Model FOCUX 38G
Applications Digital cinema
Weight 1.3 ounces (38 grams)
Battery's lifetime Over 25,000 hours
Battery type Built-in rechargeable battery
Charging time Less than 3 hours
Continuous working time Over 50 hours
Lens type LCD
Lens size 2.2 inch diagonal (57 mm)
Sync method IR
Refresh rate 96Hz to 160 Hz (or 240Hz)
Temperature 32˚F ~ 122˚F (0˚C ~ 50˚C)
Size (W x H x D) 7" x 1.5" x 6.4"
178mm x 38mm x 163mm








FOCUX 3D vs. Other Active 3D Products

Feature FOCUX 38G XPAND X101 XPAND X103

Dark Time

(Triple flash 6:2)

350 μs

Old settings: 700 μs

New settings: 1100 μs

Old settings: 700 μs

New settings: 1100 μs

Battery's Lifetime

Over 25,000 hours 250 hours 350 hours

Battery Type

Rechargeable battery


(packaged CR2032)


Foldable Ear Pieces

Lens Size

2.2” diagonal (57mm) 2.2” diagonal (57mm) 2.2” diagonal (57mm)


1.34 oz (38 g) 2.6 oz (73 g) 2 oz (56 g)







FOCUX 3D vs. Passive 3D Products

Feature FOCUX Real D Master Image Dolby


Active Polarizing Polarizing Interference filter

Dark Time

(Triple flash 6:2)

350 μs 1000 μs 900 μs or more 780 μs or 1045 μs

Screen Type

Any Screen Silver Screen Silver Screen Matt white or gain


18% 15% 15% 12%

Viewing Angle

100º 50º 50º 100º

Image Quality

Intact Uniform illumination and colorimetry cannot be ensured Uniform illumination and colorimetry cannot be ensured Intact

Complexity of the Installation

Placed in any position, facing to the screen, plug and play, easy and simple setup.

Movable system that can be used in several auditoria.

Must be installed in front of the projector lens, more steps for setup.

3D system for use in one auditorium

Must be installed in front of the projector lens, more steps for setup.

3D system for use in one auditorium

Must be installed inside the projector, complicated setup.  Training for installation required.

3D system for use in one auditorium





Specifications subject to change without notice. Information obtained from commercially available manufacturer sources at the time of publication. FOCUX is not responsible for errors, omissions or changes to any of the listed specifications. Please contact manufacturers directly for current listings of feature sets or specifications.
FOCUX is registered trademarks of Focux Technology LLC, all other trademarks remain the property of their respective owners.





Active 3D Glasses Datasheet

3D Brochure

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