About Us

FOCUX is the world leading provider of digital audio and 3D products. Since the establishment of FOCUX, we have made numerous strides in our breakthrough patented products and received high recognition from consumers. The world optimal 3D glasses for movie theatres, the world's first wireless cinema audio processor, the world's first full-range coaxial cinema speaker, the world's first coaxial surround speaker, and the world's first ultra-thin 4-channel digital amplifier have created magic in cinema industry. We continuously innovate new products, as well as exceed the sustained growth of customers' expectations and needs.


With its cutting-edge digital technology and a powerful R&D team, FOCUX designs an innovative line of products. The numerous patented technologies not only provide the perfect 3D image, but also reproduce the most complex multi-channel sound effects. Moreover, FOCUX is an environmentally-friendly designed product, saving you power and time.


Founded by FOCUX Technology LLC and the Asia Angel Investment Fund, FOCUX is not only a company name, but also a brand name. FOCUX is your needs and we focus your needs.


FOCUX is committed to providing the best audio and visual experience globally with its neo-technology concepts and consistency in tech development.





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