Active 3D Solution Passive 3D Solution
Active 3D Glasses passive 3d system
Active 3D Glasses 38G Passive 3D Cinema System
We are proud to launch our revolutionary FOCUX active 3D glasses. They provide brighter, crisper 3D images and... The latest release of the FOCUX 3D system is the most widely used polarized 3D system in the world...
IR system passive 3d glasses
Active 3D Cinema System Passive 3D Glasses
It is a true ‘plug and play’ operating system. Once the IR emitter is plugged into a standard AC outlet and the signal cables are connected to... The glasses are individually packaged so that a moviegoer may own a pair of clean, quality assured 3D glasses and...
3D glasses charging tray
Active 3D Glasses Charging Tray Clip-On
You can stack up the charging trays and create an amazing charging dock that can handle the charging for all the glasses at the same time... The clip-ons can be placed on top of any prescription lenses and will function as a 3D frame, so now you can watch 3D with your glasses.
Easily get rid of fingerprints and smeary marks on the 3D glasses.  





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