High Efficiency


FOCUX has designed and developed the best active 3D glasses in the world that deliver an amazingly enjoyable cinema experience. FOCUX not only improves 3D effects and the viewing experience for moviegoers but has also developed an amazing charging device for these glasses: the 30C charging tray.


charging tray


When more than 30 devices are needed to be recharged at the same time, please stack up the charging trays one on top of another. A maximum of 20 layers is recommended. Connect the charging trays with FOCUX-supplied cables. A charging system that can handle an incredible 600 pairs of glasses at the same time is formed.




Save Cost


The FOCUX 30C charging tray is the first highly-efficient charger for 3D glasses in the world. Each 30C charging tray can charge up to 30 pairs of FOCUX 38G glasses. Moreover, you can stack up the charging trays and create an amazing charging dock that can handle the charging for all the glasses at the same time.


These trays not only provide with highly efficient charging facilities; they can also be used as a container for storing the glasses in an orderly fashion. It's a great way of saving some space.


IR system

Active 3D Glasses

IR Emitter

Active 3D System



Passive 3D

Passive 3D System




Charging Tray Datasheet

3D Brochure


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